Currumbin Valley’s Bountiful Water Works
Impeccable Aquifer Water

AQUIFER: underground layer of ancient permeable rock containing pristine water.
IMPECCABLE: in accordance with the highest standards.
BOUNTIFUL: ample, giving generously.

Bountiful Water holds unique attributes of purity and balance with naturally occurring minerals. A soft texture, and free from man-made material, this water is drawn from a place of great tranquillity and offers nourishment for all to experience.

  1380 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley… enjoy the beautiful drive
Open daily - 8am to 2pm

Currumbin Valley is a magical place. Once a rainforest, housing remnants of its former glory, the valley was once a scene of significant volcanic activity. When the ash settled, there remained a majestic mountain range, giving abundant fertility to its surroundings. Active springs and waterfalls remain scattered across the mountains and foothills, all contributing to Bountiful Water’s catchment. With copious rainfall and little pollution, the valley holds a remarkable bounty of the purest of water.

Drawing from an aquifer deep beneath layers after layers of volcanic rock, water is protected and numbered over many years. Supported by Grander technology, when the water reaches the surface for the first time, it is crystal clear, untouched and mineral-rich. We believe we are the most fortunate people to enjoy such gifts of nature and hope that now that you have been better acquainted with the water which forms part of a healthy lifestyle, you benefit greatly.

Purchase new bottles or refill existing vessels straight from the Aquifer at CVH:

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Water per litre $0.55

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