Currumbin Valley Harvest is a peaceful community hub, inspiring meaningful connections with organic food, nature and each other.

Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday each week, we bring together a collection of organic produce from local farmers and growers. Curated seasonally, sustainably with quality and love.

We share a reverence for collective service in and out of the gardens. It is encouraged for all to explore our beds which sprout medicinal plants, herbs and greens. Sown with love, ready to be picked and purchased.

  1380 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley… enjoy the beautiful drive.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday - 8am to 2pm each week

Home of Bountiful Water, this aquifer water holds unique attributes of purity and balance with naturally occurring minerals. With a soft texture, and free from man-made material, this water is drawn deep from a place of great tranquillity and offers nourishment for all to experience.

Our little cafe has a big heart. Serving delicious gluten-free Mio Wraps, garden teas, warming ceremonial drinks and a selection of pastries and gluten-free desserts. Each week we feature an organic cold-pressed juice made in-house.

Pantry staples, Australian-grown bulk foods, eco-friendly home cleaning goods, local gifts and ice cream are just some of the specialty wares.

CVH is a place to come and breathe a deeper breath. Connect to wholesome people and goods. Observe nature and perspective in a rare natural setting. Shop and nourish your family and tummies. Unwind, relax, connect and enjoy the paradisiacal Currumbin Valley.

We’d love to see you.

elisha and hughie