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1380 Currumbin Creek, Currumbin Valley




Each week we search, seek and supply fresh produce from local farms and larger marketplaces.

Our produce is selected via the following parameters:

As much organic seasonal produce as possible, but only when affordable.

Purchase fresh produce from local farmers who do not spray synthetic chemicals on their produce and that we can talk to directly. This is commonly done via direct farm pick-ups each week on Fridays to ensure the freshest possible produce.

We also try and work with hobby farms and our community to bring backyard produce to our customers.

Find affordable conventionally grown produce out of necessity when local or organic supply is limited, or too expensive.

Each week react to the marketplace conditions and find the best possible solutions for our customers. Communicate and educate our reasons why, in order to re-train people to assume that absolute consistency is not a norm.

How much of your produce is organic?

It varies from week to week, but generally speaking 80% of produce is Certified Organic (ACO).

How can we be so affordable with organic produce?

Relatively speaking, we aim to be very highly competitive. This is achieved via strong connections with a number of organic wholesalers; only purchasing enough stock to cover the weekend in order to flush out stock, keeping our overheads down via reduced opening hours (11 hours in total) and if need be; clearing our stock to local selected restaurants and cafes.

How will I tell which is produce is organic and which is not?

Each produce category is carded with price, location it was grown and the conditions it was grown under: ‘organic’, ‘certified organic’, ‘biodynamic’, ‘synthetic spray free’ or ‘grown under unknown conditions’ (aka conventionally grown).

Can I pick from your farm direct?

Yes most definitely, see our 'open to the public' section of our farm page.

Produce that we commonly stock all year round:

Apples** Bananas Oranges** Lemons** Avocadoes Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Cucumber Zucchini Carrots Onions Green Beans Broccoli Cauliflower Beetroot Pumpkins Potatoes Radishes Spring Onion Leeks Sweet Potato Garlic Ginger Turmeric* Chillies Grapefruits** Silverbeet Spinach Kale Rocket* Cabbage Mushrooms Eggplant Celery Papaya Lettuce* Limes**

* Grown biodynamically on our farm
** Seasonal produce stored in temperature and atmosphere controlled deep refrigeration by large farms

Seasonal dependent produce

Peaches Orange Sapotes White Sapotes Black Sapotes Pears Grapes Mandarins Dragon Fruits Quince Passionfruit Watermelon Rockmelon Finger Limes Strawberries Lychee Blueberry Figs Mangoes Mangosteen Celeriac Daikon Squash Turnips Fennel Asparagus Artichoke Cherries Plums Nectarines Snow Peas Okra*

* Grown biodynamically on our farm

We also stock the following fresh local poducts:

Emu Creek Eggs is run by a beautiful Palm Beach family, offering free range and organic eggs produced on farms based south of Toowoomba.

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Ricky and his Panya Bakery team are the epitome of the true meaning of artisan. Their range of quality sourdough loaves are a weekend (and mid-week) staple.

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Every week we work hard to source

Remarkable locally made artisan products

Affordable organic products & wholefoods

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Nutrient-dense health foods

All of our products are carefully considered & scrutinised
Our desire is to reconnect and rekindle people with the
love of home cooked and healthful meals.

Each product is hand-picked based on its local proximity, nutrient quality or the brand's social and ethical values. We like to know that in providing beautiful products for our visitors, we are also supporting the upstream humans that are involved in the production. That way, everybody can have a little win and you can enjoy your quality purchase at the end of it!

Some of our key exceptional suppliers:



Our small humble collection of giftwares celebrates raw craftsmanship.
We enjoy the thrill of seeking out and working with talented collectives who create gorgeous, handcrafted, unique giftwares.

We have scoured the countryside and beyond to bring you a beautiful curation of crafted products. The same sourcing principles apply, with brand selection made based on their quality, ingredients and social and ethical values as we all play a part to contribute to the human involvement in the upstream production of your products.

Outstanding Handcrafted Products By



Creek View

or Farm View

We encourage all that wander through to take a break from it all with a tea and cake by the farm or listen to the gentle trickle of Currumbin Creek-side. Below is a list of our friends and suppliers that have crafted beautiful pastries, cakes and ice-creams made with quality ingredients for all foragers to enjoy.

If you are a Currumbin local, you would know that Nobee's Viennoiserie Lab (in Currumbin Waters) is synonymous with true artisan pastries. Even the toughest of almond croissant critiques have given his work a loving tick of approval.

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Tom and Hana and their daughter Emmy are the beautiful family behind Gold Coast's famous MRKT cakes. Their smiles in this picture are a pretty accurate depiction of who they are in the flesh. MRKT's dairy and gluten free treats are made with the highest quality ingredients and a hefty amount of OCD mean that you get a perfectly shaped and consistently beautiful treat.

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Frozen Sunshine is a beautiful family-run business originating on the Sunshine Coast. We first had the pleasure of tasting a Frozen Sunshine's chocolate ice-cream at the Eumundi markets in 2014 and have never forgotten it. You will be delighted with these perfectly crafted dairy free and seasonal ice blocks.

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Jeremy and his Flat Earth Kombucha is a well-known farmer's market staple around these parts and when you taste the crisp refreshing flavour combinations you will understand why. But most of all, we just really like Jeremy. He is one of the most lovely, authentic people we have come to deal with and it's this authenticity and care that is also reflected in his product range.

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Simon and Rachelle, Rachelle and Simon; are a bit of a household name in Currumbin. With a long history in the nutrition, herbs, fermentation and healing space, any product they produce is plain and simply remarkable. Spectrum is a boutique honey based (juno), ginger flavoured kombucha that is oh-so refreshing. The fermentation balance they are able to achieve is next to perfect with little-to-no vinegar aftertaste and a beautiful bodied flavour. We have been trying to learn their secret recipe for a long time with very little success. Sometimes we are all just better off leaving certain things to the artisans.

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Want an outsanding barrister coffee?
Head out of the the Valley to these epic locals!

When trying to deconstruct reasons why some coffees are great and some aren't; it really comes down to patience and a lot of OCD. That's why we think Jerry at Portside Coffee makes some of the best coffee in town. While Jerry gives off a relaxed and carefree demeanour, when you watch him with his craft; his approach is anything but. His process is as systematic and regimented as Novak Djokovic's tennis serve. Tip - he is right next door to Nobee's Viennoiserie Lab in Currumbin Waters.

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Picture the morning sun peaking through repurposed farm doors into a wide open space; the smell of coffee with a slight white sage infusion and the vibration of a good tune - this is Dust Temple to us. Creatives, John and Isla have boldly shaped a coffee and art space that is so totally unimaginable. What was once a run-down shed is now revived into an architecturally-designed open-space, adorned with works from local artists. This is a watering hole that allows for full immersion into a world of great coffee, music, and freedom of exploration. A lot of sweat has gone into creating this space and we can't help but thank John and Isla for sharing their work for a simple trade of the price of a cup of coffee. Tip - Dust Temple also serve Nobee's Viennoiserie Lab pastries.

Facebook Dust Temple Instagram Dust Temple URL Dust Temple Google Maps Dust Temple

Pasture & Co's open plan space and food displays oozes wellness. Dani and her team have been able to create a welcoming, on-trend space that serves some of the most amazingly flavoured meals you will taste on this end of the Coast. It is because of the cleverly balanced flavours and freshness that you are able to walk away from your meal feeling satiated and nourished; rather than needing a glass of water and a nap!

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Iron & Resin Garage is the empitome of cafe-racer-cool. With a hearty range of breakfast and lunch options as well as a good cup of coffee, a scheduled stop-off will be rewarded.

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Like roots of a tree, our fundamental stabilisation and growth has been dramatically helped by these wonderful people! For this, we thank you!

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