#Pickedfreshbyyou on our humble Biodynamic Farm

Surrounded by a pristine environment, owners Jan and Peter, invite you to take a walk around and enjoy the 'hands-on' experience of getting to know where your produce comes from. The lush, friendly atmosphere provides a lively alternative grocery shopping experience, year-round.

Due to its active volcanic history and aquifer deposits, Currumbin Valley is known for its fertility. This; coupled with gentle and ecologically synergistic farming practices, provide weekend foragers with some of the most vibrant and nutrient-dense seasonal greens for the week ahead.

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Every Saturday & Sunday from 7:00am - 12:30pm

1380 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley




Come & Connect with Fresh Goodness

Our farm is divided into two levels; the top level being open for the public and the bottom level reserved for those who have signed on as Harvesters. Since we are a biodynamic farm, harsh sprays and fertilisers are not an option when faced with severe weather events or pests. It is for this reason that we encourage pickers to get to know the full range of what's available, as not everything will be thriving all the time. Below is a list of what Pete and his team usually has planted on the top and bottom levels

Pick Direct From Our Top Garden Beds
(Open To The Public)

All are welcome to forage and pick from the top garden beds with pickings priced at $3.00 per 100g.

Romaine lettuce Green Leaf lettuce Red Leaf lettuce Silverbeet Rocket Coriander Shiso Fennel Dandelion Chicory Lemon Sorrel Garlic Chives Mint Tuscan Kale Curly Kale Russian Kale BasilThai BasilRosemaryMustard Greens Gotu Kola Lavendar Oregano Nasturtium Marigold Flowers Brahmi Flat Leaf Parsley Curly Leaf Parsley Tatsoi Calendula Bok Choy

Pick From Our Lower Garden Beds
('Harvester Area', Upon Special Request)

The lower garden beds are reserved for those that have signed on as a Harvester. However if you have a particular need for any of the below greens, please sing out to Pete or one of our staff members. We can arrange for someone to pick what you are after from this area.

Aloe Vera Lemon Balm Betel LeafThymeStinging NettleSage Chocolate Mint Kangkon Ceylon Spinach BurdockEchinaceaEvening PrimroseMarshmallowDock Leaf

*To be used strictly with the guidance of a health professional.

Everything Picked From The Farm Will Need To Be Thoroughly Washed



Support Us To Support You

The pick-your-own model eliminates labour costs and packaging consumption while also maintains the most absolute freshness for you and your family. We all know that the fresher your vegetables, the higher your nutrient consumption; particularly vitamin C. In picking from our farm, you are supporting your own nutrition and the further planting and cultivation of produce for all of us.

So How Does It Work?

Every week our team sources and plants seedlings, weeds, waters, composts, controls pests, rotates crops, applies biodynamic preparations / protocols and maintains the farm.

The only thing we don't pick, pack and wash the produce, aka the "Harvest" bit.

That's where you come in!

Every Saturday or Sunday you will need to take a short scenic drive out to our farm in stunning Currumbin Valley

How Much Does It Cost

A one time $50 joining fee


One of the following Weekly Fees:

Single = $20 per week

Couple = $30 per week

Family = $35 per week

If you can't make it on the weekend, you will still need to transfer your full weekly fee direct to the farmer, as the same amount of work, planning and effort still happens every week.

If you wish to move on and you can’t make it anymore, please contact us immediately and we can open up your spot for a new Harvester on the waiting list. The total number of Harvesters is capped and will change according to seasonal and environmental variables.

What Do I get for my money?

The opportunity to get your hands dirty, be at one with nature and take home a large basket of nutrient-rich biodynamically grown produce #pickedfreshbyyou.

Further Explanation

The idea is to take a little
of everything

With the hope to expand your culinary knowledge, receive a wide variety of nutrients and ultimately share the value with the Harvest community.

Only take what you need for the week
Knowing you will be back in 7 days to pick more.

You will have access to both top level and bottom level gardens.
What you take is not weighed or measured, we operate under an honesty system.

The farmer will provide you with an initial assisted Harvesting experience.
Peter the farmer will show you how to pick, what to look for, where everything is and fundamentally how much you should pick. Peter also reserves the right to provide you feedback if you are taking too much or not enough. This is a community assisted farm, but ultimately it’s still a private enterprise.

Don't like Kale. Don't pick Kale.
You don't need to take everything, but we ask you to please be measured and considerate when something is in scarcity or if it’s too young to be picked.

When in doubt, just ask!
During our opening hours on the weekend, Peter is on the farm ready to have a yarn and assist in any way possible.

Imperfection is our friend!
To increase your overall value and ours, we ask you to please pick a mixture of perfect looking produce and not so perfect looking produce. If something has nibbled on the produce (to a degree) or a plant has grown into an odd shape, we need to utilize as much produce as we can.

Sharing with nature.
Biodynamic and organic farms are at the mercy of mother nature. We can only spray specific natural products to keep away infestation of insects. We spend a considerable amount of time on crop rotating, soil/microbe health and paying attention to nature in order to let our plants thrive. A thriving a plant has a greater chance of developing its own in-built mechanisms to fend off insects.

Must Love Your Leafy Greens
The substantial week in week out value comes from access to ample greens which can be grown pretty much all year round and in quick succession. Due to our limited space under the greenhouse, access to picking larger vegetables will greatly fluctuate as the seasons change and the growing times varying of different crops. For example, plants like broccoli will take about 6 weeks to grow, after the main head has fully grown and harvested, we then harvest the Broccolini for a few weeks after in order to get maximum value.

What can I pick?

Regular Weekly Things to Harvest from our Farm
Since harsh sprays and fertilisers are not an option when faced with severe weather events or pests we encourage pickers to get to know the full range of what's available, and open your mind up to broader culinary experiences, aligning your cooking with the seasons.

Romaine lettuce Green Leaf lettuce Red Leaf lettuce Silverbeet Rocket Shiso Fennel Dandelion Chicory Lemon Sorrel Garlic Chives Mint Tuscan Kale Curly Kale Russian Kale Lemon Grass Basil Thai Basil Rosemary Mustard Greens Gotu Kola Lavendar Oregano Nasturtium Marigold Flowers Brahmi Flat Leaf Parsley Curly Leaf Parsley Tatsoi Bok Choy Lemon Balm Betel Leaf Thyme Stinging Nettle Aloe Vera Sage Chocolate Mint Kangkon Ceylon Spinach Burdock Echinacea Evening Primrose Marshmallow Calendula Dock Leaf

Seasonal Crops That Take Time To Grow
Foraging in peak season for winter or summer crops can be like a lolly hunt! However we do emphasis that to get most value as a Harvester, you need to be a leafy-green-eater. Since the majority of what's abundant will be the leafy-green varieties.

Spring Onion Leeks Green Beans Climbing Beans Snake Beans Snow Peas Coriander Dragon Fruit Radish Passionfruit Tomato Cucumber Pumpkin Turmeric Ginger Zucchini Eggplant Capsicum Chilli Okra Celery Corn Cabbage Cauliflower Broccoli Rockmelon

Crops That Will Be Dug Up By The Farmer
Harvest of some of the plants has a specific technique that Pete the farmer will undertake and hand out to Harvesters as they come through. If you like turmeric; Pete's turmeric is some of the most vibrant you will experience.

Turmeric Ginger

How do I Join?

Come visit the farm!
The important thing is to come out to the farm and meet Pete in person. We can provide you with a quick tour and then let you have a wander around the farm. If you are interested in becoming a Harvester, we will place your details on a waiting list. The number of people we can provide for is capped and we have a substantial waiting list, thus an ETA on new available positions is a little tricky to estimate.

Everything Picked From The Farm Will Need To Be Thoroughly Washed



Continuously Renew & Replenish
Biodynamic farming treats soil fertility and plant growth as ecologically interrelated, with emphasis on spiritual perspectives and supported by organic methods.

Biodynamic vs. Oraganic Farm

Essentially Biodynamic and Organic have the same fundamental principles, which is no use of synthetic, herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. Biodynamics is a little more comprehensive in its method of enhancing a farm with a more holistic approach.

Biodynamics comes from the teachings of philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who focused on an integrated system of animals, plants and the solar system.

A series of (homeopathic-like) protocols called 'preparations' were developed and successfully implemented to enhance the vitality of plants, soils, compost and livestock.

This commonly sees biodynamic farms developing their own composts, planting in guidance with the lunar cycles, using a substantially large amount of crop rotations and attempting to work nature as much as possible.

We are a proud member of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia.

Want to know more about Biodynamics?
Every Saturday and Sunday feel free to come and introduce yourself to Peter the farmer and ask as many questions as you need. Better yet, if you would like to get some hands on experience, chat to Peter about volunteering on Wednesday or Thursday on our farm.




Supplying Fresh Farm Produce

Currumbin Valley Harvest works with like-minded restaurants on the Gold Coast and Brisbane to supply consumers with fresh seasonal goodness from our farm and other farms from the green cauldron region.

Suituated in the Eco-Village, a few kilometres back east along Currumbin Creek Road, Pasture & Co's all-day menu has been designed to suit all tastes, diets and intolerances, with plenty of dishes free from dairy, nuts and eggs. Open for breakfast, brunch or lunch Wednesday to Sunday, expect to find a curation of beautifully mixed seasonal flavours. They give new meaning to the old staple avocado on toast, using fresh brioche bread, generous avocado, locally produced macadamia spread and a concoction of green herbs that create its own taste journey. The cake cabinet is always well-stocked with delicious cakes and raw treats that deserve a side of coffee or tea.

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Based in the food-heaven of Fortitude Valley, Tartufo’s menu is classic italian, inspired by Tony Percouco's home town, Naples, and the surrounding regions of Tuscany, Umbria and Abruzzo. Demonstrating his commitment to supporting locals and providing quality seasonal produce, Tony himself hand-selects the produce weekly. Each dish is designed around fresh, seasonal and local produce as much as possible and much of their ingredients are sourced within a radius of 200km around Brisbane.

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In the burrows of Burleigh sits the tastefully modern Jimmy Wah's offering Vietnamese cuisine with an Australian influence. Keep an eye out for the betel leaf; grown on fertile Currumbin Valley soil and freshly picked by the Chef's themselves.

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Come Work Side By Side With Us

For those that have an interest in learning more about the farm or biodynamic practices, we encourage you to join our volunteer team, working on a Wednesday or Thursday morning in exchange for as much knowledge as you like. Pete and Jan have been in the farming game their whole lives and are never short of a story or trick that might help you in your hobby or other growing endeavours.

Farming Knowledge For Labour
We accept volunteers who wish to come and exchange work for knowledge. Come and work with our friendly team and learn about Biodynamic farming. Stay as long as you perceive that you are receiving value.

Reduced Labour Cost Helps Put More
Back Into Our Community

Strategically we can reduce the costs for our Harvesters and customers who come to purchase our fresh biodynamic greens direct from the farm. We believe that fresh nutritious produce should be accessible and affordable to all.

To all of our of volunteers
We thank you for helping us build a remarkable place!

scenic drive through currumbin

Like roots of a tree, our fundamental stabilisation and growth has been dramatically helped by these wonderful people! For this, we thank you!

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Open Every Saturday & Sunday 7:00am - 12:30pm

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