Impeccable Aquifer Water
Currumbin Valley’s Bountiful, Water-Works

This is the story, of very special water.

Bountiful Water holds unique attributes of purity and balance with naturally occurring minerals. A soft texture and free from of man-made material the water is drawn from a place of great tranquillity and offers nourishment for all to experience.

Currumbin Valley is a magical place. Once a rainforest and housing remnants of its former glory, the Valley was once a scene of significant volcanic activity. When the ash settled, there remained a majestic Mountain Range, giving abundant fertility to its surroundings. Active springs and waterfalls remain scattered across the mountains and foothills all contributing to Bountiful Water’s catchment. With copious rainfall and no pollution, the Valley holds a remarkable bounty of the purest of water.

Drawing from an aquifer deep beneath layer after layer of volcanic rock the water is protected and nurtured over many years. Supported by Grander technology, when the water reaches the surface for the first time, it is crystal clear, untouched and mineral-rich.

On the property where the aquifer resides, Currumbin Valley Harvest dedicated to the growing of vegetables and herbs. Using growing methods that embrace both Biodynamic and Organic practises, everything at Harvest, from the soil to the climate and water quality contribute to the most exuberant of crops open for visitors to experience.

We believe we are the most fortunate of people to enjoy such gifts of nature. And hope that now you have become acquainted with the water that this forms part of your healthful regime and that you benefit greatly.


So How Does It Work?

On the farm we have well/bore that goes down deep into an underground layer of permeable rock containing pristine water. We run the water through a 'Grander Unit' to energize on a molecular level. Then it’s pumped up the packing shed and ran through two carbon filters and a UV for added protection.

How Much Does It Cost?

30cents per litre, if you bring your own container.

$25 for one of our 15 litre containers that is fitted with a tap and contains 15 litres of Bountiful Water. Upon returning, it will only cost $4.50 per refill, we get you to continuously re-use the same bottle and ask you to physically re-fill it yourself.

$4.50 Per Re-fill, Why So Cheap?

We believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable water.

Like with picking our greens from the farm, through bypassing the distribution/logistical side of the business, we can pass the savings directly on to you by having you drive to our farm to collect the Aquifer water.

Does it Taste Any Different?

There is a unique 'lightness' to the water; pure, clean with no after taste.

It’s not chemically treated, it contains has no fluoride or additives; it’s just water, the way it should be.

How Do I Know It’s Safe?

The water is tested regularly by the Gold Coast City Council.



Like roots of a tree, our fundamental stabilisation and growth has been dramatically helped by these wonderful people! For this, we thank you!

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